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This Membership is for Individual / Customers that will benefit from Amis du Québec discounts and Specials offered by local Self Employed persons or Businesses that provide Services and/or Products.
NB: Discounts are offered to cardholders.

As an Individual Member:

  • You will have access to hundreds and thousands of local businesses all across the province.
  • You will get various discounts offered by Self-employed, Businesses and Merchants that are also members of “Les Amis du Québec”.
  • You will receive SMS on your Mobile announcing local Events, new Businesses, Special promotions, Shows and much more.
  • You will receive discount certificates that you could use on items that are sold on our Online shop.
  • You will also receive a discount certificate of $10 for a Yearly Subscription Package that can be used by any contact of yours on Info-Clic, the best listing of Businesses, Events and Job offers of Quebec province.


Extra info:

When checking out:

  • The Address is to send you your membership card and to know from which sector you live so that we can send you proper notifications of friendly businesses in your area.
  • The Phone number is for us to send you text notifications: Important information, Discounts from your favorite Businesses or Special invitations. You are allowed on your phones to accept whether or not, to receive notifications. Only meaningful Texts will be sent to you because every Member of the community is important to us.
  • The Email address is another mean of communication for us in order to reach you in case we can’t via the phone.
  • The Website is a tool where you can find lots of information and will always be improving. We will share together our Non-subsidized media, our favorite Local Businesses, mutual Aid links, Favorites, VIP invitations, Shows, Gatherings, Lives and more…